Sonja Johanssen
Sonja discovered yoga in college. At that time, she was an aerobic instructor at Arizona State University. In 1999, she began practicing under the inspired direction of Jeff Martin. Later she moved to LA and continued her practice at the Santa Monica Power Yoga studio. There she practiced under many gifted teachers such as Bryan Kest, Ashley Turner, Govindas, and Mona. After 3 years of dedicated practice, Sonja completed a YogaFit certification program. She relocated to Maui in 2004.
Sonja fluidly blends asana, pranayama, and dhyaha (posture, breath, and meditation). Her classes are flowing, creative and intuitive... intended to be an expressive dance for the soul.
Sonja is teaching the following classes:
Gentle Yoga - Monday 7:30-9:00am

Vinyasa Flow - Monday 9:00-10:30am



"To a mind that's still
the whole universe surrenders."
- Lao-Tzu