Tara Angioletti

Tara is a surfing yogini.  She began her study of yoga in Santa Barbara, California in 1993; and has learned from many great yogis.  She received her initial teacher training in Integral Yoga in 1999.
In her class Tara teaches her students to be completely "present" or focused by placing the awareness on the breath. "When we are absorbed in the moment we can quiet the vritti or "chatter" of our minds; in this state we are able to experience the feeling of "flow".  Flow is the moment when we are on our mats or on a wave when we are completely alive and experience our true essence.

Tara is teaching the following classes:

Flow Yoga - Monday 6:00-7:30pm


"Joy emerging from within. Dwelling in our true essence. Experiencing the Transcendental Self."
- Samadhi