"I was delighted to spend a few classes at Island Spirit while I was on your lovely island for my vacation. That was definitely one of my main highlights! My only disappointment was that I only purchased five classes. Next year I will allocate more of my time to attending your classes." I am returning to Maui again next January and will make your studio one of my first stops. Thank you. " Sharon Stanley Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Dear Deborah and Staff:
When I was visiting Maui the last week of May I took 5 classes at Island Spirit. My main purpose for visiting Maui was to relax and work on centering my life before I moved on to my next stage. This next stage for me was a new job at Adobe Systems in San Jose. I had picked Island Spirit at random and you and your staff made me feel so comfortable and helped give my visit focus and grounding. All of the instructors that I practiced with were fantastic, much better than any I have had in the Bay Area. Their techniques were great, their attention to the students top notch and the adjustments that they showed me helped greatly. Marc’s class was great, Sonja was wonderful as was Hilary.
My experience with your studio was so memorable and helpful that I have been raving about it since returning. In fact a friend of mine plans on practicing with you this week. Her name is Lucinda and she plans on making Island Spirit part of her Maui visit. I know that she will find your studio as special as I did. Please keep an eye out for her she is a great person.
Again, my deepest gratitude goes out to Island Spirit for making my visit to Maui more spiritual and more fulfilling.
Namaste & Mahalo
Bryant from San Jose
Aloha Christy.
I was able to fit in five sessions at your studio during my week in paradise! Island Spirit is bursting with aloha and raja. When combined with the aesthetic studio, it makes for a very special place to practice. Your instructors are TOP NOTCH.  Hilary, Julie, Sonja and Marc are so yogic, it is an honor to receive their instruction. Julie in particular is awesome, but not to take anything away from Hilary, Sonja and Marc.
To all of you, "I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.  I honor the place in you which is of light and peace.  When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one."
Mahalo, and see you next Feb.
Ross from Seattle

Thanks to all the great people at your yoga studio. I had some wonderful classes during my stay. I look
forward to returning and will vigorously recommend you to anyone heading to Maui!


I am visiting Maui this week and was lucky enough to stumble upon your lovely studio yesterday, when my husband and I drove by. I was able to make the 10:30 class with Maggie this morning and it was wonderful! I teach a gentle and Senior class in Southern California and wasn't sure I was up for a flow class. Maggie was amazing, very patient and quite lovely to follow. I look forward to my next visit and should I come accross anyone comeing to Maui, I will encourage them to drop into the studio.

I wanted to say a special thank you to the staff at Island Spirit Yoga. I was in town last week and attended several yoga classes at Island Spirit Yoga. I felt very welcomed and the classes were well taught and very enjoyable. I wish I had the same wonderful studio in Pennsylvania where I live.

I have told my yoga friends about Island Spirit Yoga and they will also be stopping in to take classes while they are there.

Again, thank you for the warm hospitality and I will see you next year.

Sue Allen
I just returned to the Bay Area after spending an incredible week on Maui, and attended 5 yoga classes at Island Spirit Yoga, and had to write to tell you how magnificent an experience that was for me! I was traveling alone, so intended on yoga, to help me feel grounded, and received infinitely more than that.

Everyone at Island Spirit Yoga was so warm and welcoming and including - I felt as if this had always been my yoga home. The physical environment is sacred and serene. The instructors - fabulous! Thank you Jenelle, Maggie, Kat and Marc! I was challenged, energized, refreshed and educated - what more could I ask for?

I was teary when saying goodbye that last time, and know I will be back!


Donna Sabbatani
Oakland, California